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Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy listening to my songs. They are the products of a project I first thought of about six years ago.

This is My version of a Wiegenlied (Lullaby) made popular by the great composers like Brahms and Mozart.

The first two tracks were originally recorded at the Old Blacksmiths Studios in Portsmouth, England about three years ago with the sound engineer being James Perret.

James spent most of his time in the Antarctic playing with underwater cameras and penguins, so I had to move operations closer to home, to Running Frog Studios in Berkshire, with the engineers being Phil Ray and Madz.

The inspiration for all of this was Dizzy Detour who released the Small Hours Anthology album to wide acclaim. I would not have started this without him. He has been a continual help.

Recently I have turned to writing on piano and the two new pieces reflect my love of German Classical Music and Northern Soul, yes go figure! Special mentions to Toby "the genius" Hounsham on keyboards and those lovely scottish people of Sara Kerr and G J Kane.

Below are “who did what” and maybe someday we'll be able to work together again, but in the meantime Keeeeep Dancing.

Kym Bradshaw :: Music, Words, guitar, electric bass, piano
Neil Grant :: Vocals
Nina Madhoo :: Vocals
Sara Kerr :: Lyrics & Vocals
Karla Milton :: Lyrics & Vocals
Toby Hounsham :: Keyboards
Smiley :: Drums, percussion
Dermot Creehan :: Violin
Tony McMahon :: Stand up bass, programmed percussion, patience
Madz :: Percussion
Francesca Ter - berg :: Cellist
GJ Kane :: Percussion, lyrics
Phil Ray :: Sound engineer par excellence
Neil Thompson :: Arbiter of Taste

Check out Operation Two Fold

Kym and Karla Milton's collaboration with a Northern Soul flavour and MOD appeal.


Kym Bradshaw acoustic guitar

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