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I got the idea to start writing again after the release to critical acclaim of the Small Hours “ Anthology” Album. The main themes of the reviews were the strong songwriting abilities of the band and a reflection on what might have been if the dice had rolled a little differently.

We looked hard at the idea of putting the band back together  but the cost and the organisation was too much. So this is my way of settling unfinished business. These songs are just a small sample of the new stuff I’ve written over the past few years.  

And now for a trip down memory lane.  Those who know me will be aware I was a founder member of The Saints. You will also know there is little love lost between myself and the rest of that band. Enough said. After we went our separate ways I stayed in London, where my music developed along more soulful and less chaotic lines.

I played with Damned guitarist Captain Sensible - we recorded a memorable John Peel session -  and recorded with actress Michelle Collins (who later went on to appear in top TV shows including EastEnders and Dr Who).   

Now, with the time and opportunity to return to music, I have been back in the recording studios with new tunes,  new writing styles  and a group of session musicians who are among the best in their fields. They are listed in the credits section.

As I said, these are just a small selection of my musical styles. For the Mods I’ve got a couple of Northern Soul stompers and for Punks a couple of tunes that blow “Stranded” out of the water. But they will have to wait.


Listen to my new tracks
Free download:

"Hold Me"

"Good Times Louisiana"

"Man Overboard"

"Deutshe Wiegnlied"

"On our way"

Listen to Kym's BBC radio interview: Click here



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